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About Peddelenzo

Peddelenzo has a freestanding tiny house, with its own entrance. It characterizes itself by its calm and serene look, where one can find inner peace, detached from the outside world. In the accommodation there are five places to sleep available. On the top floor there are two rooms, providing two single beds and a single bed with sunbed. On the ground floor there is a comfortable sleeping couch, suitable for 2 people. There is also an open kitchen, provided with a countertop with sink, a microwave/oven, toilet, shower, sauna en bubble spa. coSurrounding the apartment there is an outdoor kitchen and three patios, with one looking out on the pond. At the pond, depending on the season, you can observe frogs, salamanders and dragonflies. Throughout your stay you can make use of the entire garden. From springtime until autumn, many colourful plants are growing, attracting many insects and animals. Behind the apartment there is a vegetable garden with greenhouse and a fruit orchard that will provide apples and pears to be plucked in the right season. In the evening hours there”s a possibility to build a fire in the wood burner at one of the patios or in the fire basket on the meadow

About the hostess

My name is Wilma. I live since 1994 in Kiel Windeweer. I live there with my dog Lucky and the chikens Snip, Snap and Hansje. Ever since 2007 I have been running Peddelenzo by renting canoes a whisper boat and a motorboat and now also the Tiny House Hakuna Matata located in Kielwindeweer. The idea originated at a time when the canal of Kieldiep, right in front of my house, was reopened for boats to navigate through. This resulted in entertainment in the village and a growing demand for canoe and boat trips and overnight stays. There’s also the possibility to rent bycysles. I run my Tiny House in de backyard of my house next to my regular job. Beside this all I love traveling in nature, gardening, Wellness, Yoga, spending time on the water and hiking with mij dog Lucky. I experience a lot of fun entertaining my guests and sharing the beautiful environment where I live. It is lovely to meet different people who visit for various reasons and to see how they get to relax and really be away from it all. Each and every one with his or her own story. As recent as 2018, Hakuna Matata has gone through a full renovation and I have to say I am really proud to see the result. I could personally live there en in my spare time when I have no guests I really do.:)

About the area

Kiel-Windeweer, the home base of my Tiny House Hakuna Matata is a peat colonial ribbonvillage, and has a protected township. Hakuna Matata is exactly located on the boarder of the provinces Groningen and Drenthe.The surroundings of Hakuna Matata is quite divers. It offers a variation of ribbon environment and vast lands to lush Brink villages, forests, heath, meanders, nature reserves, dolmens and cities. The environment has something to offer for each individual. In case you would like more city culture: Emmen, Assen and Groningen are beautiful places to visit. Within 20 or 30 minutes you will reach your destination, for a visit at the museum, zoo, cinema, theatre, market, lots of terrace, some lovely shopping and so on. On the side of Drenthe, the village of Annen can be found, it was pronounced in 2013 as ‘The nicest village of Drenthe’. In the summer period tourists from all sides come to visit the ‘Brink markets’, flee markets and fairs. A little further, you can find the ‘brink village’ of Zuidlaren. Hakuna Matata is a beautiful home-base for lovers of nature, golfers, hover fliers, horse riders and all sorts of bike riders and hikers. And of course, one can enjoy the canoe and boat trips.

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